We make meal planning easy!

Using our meal planning tools we can help you plan your meals and snacks in advanced. Naturally when people get hungry, they tend to reach for whatever is available.

By planning in advanced and having your food prepared and readily available, it will be easier to make smart choices that support your goals. 

Planning your meals and snacks out will also make formulating your shopping list easier, so you can grab everything you need for the week in one shop.

With access to our private facebook group you will also obtain recipes and guides that will make cooking and eating SO MUCH more enjoyable. 

How to meal plan?

Here at Fit Club we teach this skill in our five day at home challenge program. As part our of our 5 day challenge we supply you with a comprehensive 52 page guide which includes a 5 day meal planner.

Our personal health and fitness coach will work with you one on one throughout the 5 days to teach you everything you need to know in order to achieve your optimal health goal.