Fitness, Nutrition & Motivation

Fit Club is an amazing new concept that brings together nutrition, fitness and motivation that helps empower individuals to reach their goals.

From beginners to athletes we give you the tools and training to help elevate your results and sustain it long term. Located in Gregory Hills South West of Sydney we are helping hundreds of local community members achieve amazing health and fitness results. Established January 1st 2019, we have gone on to help over 200 hundred people to lose over 1500 kilos, gain lean muscle and in general into the best shape of their lives. 

Our program is so simple to follow and has literally changes hundreds of lives. The program follows five key elements that when combined together will unlock your full potential in helping you get those results your after. You can now learn this program in our very simple 5 day at home program (The Five Day Challenge). 

Who is our program for?

  • Obese and over weight individuals wanting to lose weight
  • Sport and Fitness enthusiests wanting to improve performance
  • Lean muscle gains and improve recovery 
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Post baby weight loss & toning




Home of body transformations

We have helped hundreds of people all over Australia get into the best shapes of their lives

We make living a healthy active lifestyle Possible!

Here at Fit Club we encompass 5 key elements that are the pillars to being able to live a sustainable healthy active lifestyle. Following these 5 elements we have been able to transform the lives of literally hundreds of people to achieve amazing results.